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In deep Buddhist belief „Thai-Amulet-Fair“ means two different things to us.

First, we would like to offer you – like on a fair or in an exhibition – a great and interesting variety of genuine Thai amulets, temple statues, relics and accessories. Secondly, our way of trading should be realised on reasonable prices in fair and professional ways for all parties involved.

From the western point of view Thailand’s image still is that of a “cheap price” country. Everything is supposed to be less expensive there than in Europe, America, Canada or Australia. This might have been true in the past. Today, however, even the prices for basic foods rise in Thailand almost on a weekly basis.

Though not as dramatic with most of the amulets and statues offered by Thai-Amulet-Fair, they are also subjectto a constant price rise.

To explain this and to help you to understand, we would like to give you the following information.

Price trends in Thailand

In Thailand, the spectrum of amulet prices ranges from a few Euros to the unimaginable sum of more than 15.000.000 Baht, which approximates about 360.000 Euros!

Especially with amulets desperately desired by collectors prices of several thousands Euros (not including the the golden setting!) are not uncommon.

These amulets don’t necessarily have to be more effective than the inexpensive ones. Their high rate of attractiveness in trading is owed to their rareness, age, special power and the famousness of the monk who created the amulets.


Amulet collector’s market

In Thailand, the lively and professional market of amulet collectors has established specialist fairs, TV and radio programs, newspapers, magazines and books. It is supposed to be a serious economic factor estimated to generate a turnover of several billions of Euros a year.

Of course, the collector’s market has an enormous influence on amulet prices in Thailand. Please let us explain this by an example:

Thai amulet: Phra Gring Vittayakom, Luang Pho Koon
Thai amulet: The Phra Gring Vittayakom, released of the dignified Luang Pho Koon.

On Monday, 9 May 2011, the esteemed Luang Pho Khun – one of Thailand’s most famous living monks– released a series of amulet sets. Their future owners had to pre-order and buy them a few months earlier, in January 2011.

The beautiful set was created in an edition of only 9.999 pieces and consists of a varnished jewellery box made from fine wood containing two Buddha miniatures called Phra Grings.

By Friday, 13 May 2011, the price for the sets had almost doubled on the collector’s market. It rose from nearly 600 Euros to more than 1.000 Euros!

A second set containing the two Buddha statues, but made from refined gold, was offered. This set jumped up overnight from 4.760 Euros (first hand price) to 7.900 Euros.


Price development

Regarding limited and numbered amulet series especially, prices rise exponentially to their age. If a famous monk passes away, the prices for his amulets can go through the roof over night. For this reason we sometimes have to accept price increases of about 50 to 500 percent net.


Formation of prices

Other market pricing factors are:

Gold Amulets are very expensive. Usually they are released in small numbers only.

They mainly consist of 999 fine gold or 965 Thai gold (96,5 % gold = about 23 carat) and weigh between 20 and 60 grams.

Gold amulets are highly in demand and often already sold out before they are even were cast or minted.

An additional aspects is

„Natural“ additional costs

Apart from incalculable costs „natural additional costs“ might occur for every single amulet or statue.
These might be:


What this actually means can be illustrated by the example of a Buddha statue:

The statue weighs 1.900 grams plus 100 grams of packaging material.

  Purchase price incl. Procurement costs 100,00 Euros
  +partial shipment costs per kilogram 10,00 Euros 20,00 Euros
  +19% import sales tax on 120,00 Euros 22,80 Euros
  +duties 4% on 120,00 Euros 4,80 Euros

  Total purchase price 147,60 Euros

The amount of 147,60 Euros is only the actual price of the item. This is before our running costs are covered or we will be compensated for our efforts.


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