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Original amulets from Thailand

Thai amulets belong to the most effective amulets in the world. Following centuries old rituals, monks create and consecrate them with their spiritual energies, good wishes and intense prayers.

As highly esteemed holy men monks have dedicated their life to Buddha and a practical belief in Buddhism. Many of them do good by creating protective, talismanic and powerful amulets according to their own secret formula and alloyings.

Amulets made from old holy metals enhance the power of ten thousands of prayers and the good wishes of believers and monks because the metal comes from statues and objects which were previously venerated in temples.

Thai amulets made of holy metals
Thai amulet manufacturing of old, holy metals
in the temples od Thailand


The correct amulet for each purpose

In Thailand, the powerful effect of amulets is considered something very natural. Even the media report if someone was saved from death or won in a lottery thanks to his or her amulet.

Soldiers and policemen have special amulets for their security and protection and business people and top managers wear special ones for their economic and business success. Also Thai politicians and superstars don’t leave the house without an amulet, and sick people, lovers or lonely hearts will wear theirs.

Thai amulets for protection are supposed to help very strongly against misfortune, illness and accidents as well as evil spirits, black magic, voodoo, witchcraft, malediction and other transcendental harassments.

There is a special amulet for every purpose – the variety is infinite. During the last 100 years, about 250.000 different amulets were created and every year there are a few thousands more.

manufacturing a Thai amulet
manufacturing a Thai amulet

Thai amulets in other countries

Thai amulets have a high reputation in other Asian countries. Consequently we get orders from clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia.

In the U.S., Canada and Australia Thai amulets also belong to the most desired amulets.

In Germany and wide parts of Europe the use of Thai amulets is still a hot tip by insiders – with growing demand. Especially professional users from the areas of esotericism, alternative medical treatments and orthodox medical professions discovered and intensified the use of Thai amulets and recommend them to their clients.

Even superstars like Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt wear or wore Thai amulets.

Amulets are bought in Wat Kunaram Kho Samui
Amulets are bought in "Wat Kunaram Kho Samui"

What’s special about Thai amulets?

The difference between Thai amulets ans other “amulets” on the market is in their history. Following centuries-old ceremonies and rituals, Thai amulets are created by monks without any thoughts of economic profit.

Thai amulets are no mass production made from stainless steel by special machines but precious holy relics created by holy men, some of them even by hand.

Those monks, who are very highly esteemed, started their religious journey with one, two or three years of wanderings to learn from the great masters of their time before creating their very first amulet themselves.

How many Thai amulets do exist in one series?

Thai amulets are exclusively manufactured in limited series.

In very rare cases an amulet series consists of only a few copies. Series of 500, 1.000, 2.000, 3.000 or 5.000 pieces are much more common. If they are “sold out” in the temple, they will not be manufactured again.

Depending on how famous a monk is even a series of up to 10.000 amulets is still considered to be small in Thailand. They might be sold out within a few days after being released by the temple.

Pretty often amulet series of major monks reach a quantity of up to 30.000 pieces. And even a number like that is quickly out of stock in Thailand!


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