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Original statues from Thailand

As expert traders for genuine Thai amulets we also offer sanctified Thai Buddha statues, statues of Thai monks, Than lersi and gods as well as Nang Kwak, Gumarn Thong, Chu Chok and other statues.

All statues in our online shop originate from monks from Thai temples as well as the arsom of Thai ajahns and Than lersi (hermits). All of them have been consecrated.

Buddha statues are casted in a temple
New Buddha statues are casted in a temple in Thailand.


Nothing but originals

On principle, we are not trading commercially cast statues as they are sold in Thailand’s O-Top-Shops, shopping malls, department stores and on most markets.

You also won’t find mass-produced Buddha statues as can be bought in department stores in our stock.

Thai-Amulet-Fair only sells original consecrated temple statues. They were exclusively created in the area of a temple or cast by one of the holy Thai manufacturers by order of a temple.

Casting new statues and amulets

In most cases, the alloys of new statues and amulets are obtained from old holy metals. “Worn-out” Buddha, monk or gods statues, amulets and other holy objects from a temple are melted and mixed with copper to cast new statues.

The old metals keep the power of thousands of prayers and good wishes of generations of believers and monks who used to pray in front of them.

Monks are cating Buddha statues in a temple
new Buddha statues are casted
on holy groundof the temple.


In the temple

Many highly esteemed monks still prefer to have their Buddha statues and amulets cast on the holy ground of their temple. The best moulders of holy statues and amulets from all over the country are called together in the temple area to melt the metal in great crucibles following old traditions.

Statues created in this way are supposed to be extremely valuable and sacred.


The cast

Most alloyings have a melting temperature of 1.200 degrees Celsius but the best casting temperature is reached at approximately 1.400 degrees Celsius.

The statues are cast in the lost-wax casting process (lost casting form). Before, during and after the casting holy ceremonies, prayers and consecrations are held.


In the holy foundry

Great temples like the Wat Bowon (residence of His Holiness, the Supreme Patriarch of Thailand) or the Wat Phra Kaeow (temple of the emerald Buddha) need so many statues from one cast that they cannot be produced within the temple.

The temples turn to one of the holy manufacturers who can cast the statues. The old metal usually is contributed by the temple itself. During casting about 9 monks are present who recite prayers and consecrate the casters and the statues.

In both cases, the casting might be followed by a consecration ceremony with several monks, lasting several days.

Consecration of the casted Buddha statues
Consecration of the casted Buddha statues in Wat Gernkathin by a monk.
Buddha statues are casted in Wat Gernkathin
Buddha statues are casted in Wat Gernkathin.



Like amulets, statues are only available in small amounts. Small temples usually create 500 pieces, a medium-sized temple rarely more than 1.000, and big temples between 2.000 and 5.000 statues in three different sizes. They consist of 2 to3 different alloyings in 2 to 3 different designs.


Treasured pieces

In Thailand – a country of 67 million inhabitants, approximately 94 % of them Buddhists (63 millions) – these are incredibly small numbers.

The editions are treasured highly, especially if temples cast new Buddha statues only rarely. Costs are high and the statues have to be financed in advance.

A consecrated temple Buddha is a religious treasure, not a decorative item. Accordingly, it should be treated with respect and be situated in appropriate places.

Consecrated Buddha statues from temples are subject to a general export ban or at least strict export restrictions. The Department of Fine Arts allows them to leave the country in special cases only. For each statue a personal application must be made. That explains why original holy statues are extremely rare outside Thailand.


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