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Every amulet is consecrated

Thai-Amulet-Fair only offers holy amulets which were at least once, many of them even several times consecrated by a Buddhis monk in a temple or by an ajahn or Than lersi in an arsom.

The consecration of amulets is a very important and holy ceremony which can only be held by ordained monks, ajahns and Than lersis.

Every amulet is sanctified at least once shortly before or sometimes even on the day of its release.

holy amulet consecration
Consecration of amulets in front of 12 graves at midnight by a thai monk.

Long-time consecrations

Some amulets are even consecrated for several days. For example, the consecration might take 9 days and 9 nights.

Other monks consecrate special amulet series daily or even twice a day for a period of several weeks, months or years.

The process of consecration might also be practised on different days weeks or months apart, in different temples and provinces.


The number of monks

The number of sanctifying monks might alternate between one and 108. In some historic exceptions even a few hundred monks were involved.

One of the most elaborate consecrations during the last years took place in 1992. The esteemed Chao Khun Tongchai, abbot of the Wat Traimit in Bangkok, created an amulet to support the funding for a hospital in the province of Chonburi.

The amulet was sanctified by 132 famous monks, amongst them His Holiness, the Supreme Patriarch of the Thai monks. It took place in 6 different temples situated in 6 different provinces in the North, South, East and West of the country. During this process the amulets travelled for more than 2.000 kilometres!

Thai amulet consecration by Luang Pho Ang
Thai amulet consecration by the dignified monk Luang Pho Ang.
Thai amulet consecration
Thai amulet consecration by 1000 monks at july 22nd 2010

Ways of consecration

As you can see now, the consecration process is essential to the meaning of each amulet. Depending on the occasion, the purpose or the monk who created the amulet, an amulet will be consecrated in different ways.

These are some of the most important ways of consecration:

  1. Basic consecration
    As mentioned before every Thai amulet was consecrated at least once. It is not unusual in Thailand to ask a famous monk to renew the sanctification on a visit.
    Amulets bought from specialist traders are to be consecrated personally as well. Naturally Thai traders don’t have their amulets sanctified since there are temples all around in Thailand.
    For a basic consecration you hand the amulet to the monk who will speak a special consecration prayer, blow on the amulet 3 times and then return it to its owner.

  2. Consecration by one monk
    In most cases, the first consecration takes place in the temple’s Ubosoth. All amulets will be carried to the Bot A holy white thread will be wrapped around them. It will be connected to the main altar or the Phra Prathan (main Buddha).
    The monk holds the other end of the thread in his hands and starts reciting prayers and special mantras for many hours or even a whole day long.
    Afterwards the amulets are sprinkled with holy water.

  3. Consecration by several monks
    This consecration more or less follows the same rituals as described above.
    However, the difference is that the monk who created the amulet invites other monks to the consecration. Usually, they are very famous and supposed to have special gifts. Consequently, they are capable to give precious attributes to the amulets.
    A consecration by 108 monks is assumed to be very strong. It is rare nowadays and only happens in exceptional cases.

  4. Consecration for several days
    The consecration lasting several days is one of the strongest ways of consecrating. One or several monks might take an odd number of days and nights to sanctify the desired objects, such as 3, 5, 7 or 9.
    During this time the monks reduce their food-intake and sleep to the absolute minimum. Consecrating an amulet is always very exhausting but if it lasts 9 days and 9 nights nearly every monk is brought to his ultimate limits of exhaustion.
    The older amulets offered in our shop were consecrated by the dignified Luang Pho Thongbai in a Mhen for 9 days and 9 nights. (see below)

  5. Consecration in a Mhen (mortuary) or on a Paa Tschaa (forest cemetery)
    The strongest ways of consecration are

    • the one practised in a Mhen, a temple used as a mortuary for the layed out dead waiting for their cremation,
    • and the consecration on the graves of a Paa Tschaa (forest cemetery)

    However, only very few monks are capable of practising these forms of consecrations.
    For the consecration in a Mhen a white holy thread connected to the altar is wrapped around the object. , Then the thread crosses the point of cremation and is led to the sanctifying monk’s hands.
    In the process of the consecration the monk stays in the Mhen for several days and nights, sometimes “accompanied” by a deceased.
    On a Paa Tschaa the dead are laid to rest in a huge concrete cube with 12 chambers. A Paa Tschaa usually is situated in the forest outside a village to prevent lost souls and spirits finding their way to the village’s houses.
    Most Thais are already afraid to walk past a Paa Tschaa in daylight, but nobody would ever dare to go there at night.
    However some monks like the dignified Kruba Thamma Munee stay on and in front of the cube with its 12 graves midnight to dawn consecrating amulets.
    The good energy and supernatural powers of the dead buried there shall live on in the amulets and shelter their wearers.

Apart from the ways of consecration described above there are several other „special methods“, such as the consecration at full moon, at solar eclipses, the Sao 5, the Phitti Wai Khru and the one on Rahoo Om Dschan day, just to mention a few.

All Thai-Amulet-Fair articles on stock will be equipped with a description of what kind of special consecration they passed through.


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