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Core beliefs

We are observant Buddhists and act due to the strict rules of our belief. To our customers this means the same gurantee when purchasing an amulet as in a Thai temple.

We guarantee the originality and the consecration of all available amulets and statues.

In the very unlikely case of an amulet proving to be a perfect forgery, you will of course be reimbursed your expenses. As Buddhists, we vouch for this.

Zertifikat eines Thai-Amuletts
Certificate of a Thai amulet of the dignified
Luang Pho Derm


A “confirmation“ of warranty like ours is unique on the market and does not even exist with Thai specialist traders.

Even warranties offered by credit card and online cash providers are limited in Thailand. They never substitute for warranty of authenticity since you – as the purchaser – carry the burden of proof.

From time to time we are asked by customers for our expertise about amulets and statues from Thailand bought from Thailand per online cash, to be reimbursed.

Apart from the burden of proving the falsity of the amulet or statue, they also have to take care of the costs of returning the object to Thailand which – in case of a statue for example – might easily exceed the buying price.

Fakes and reproductions

A matter of trust!

When Nareerat Uhlherr came to Germany she realized that there were mainly bad Thai amulet fakes or amulet-like jewellery and objects available locally, quite similar to the worldwide online trade with relics from Thailand.

Some Thai traders “exclusively” offer so called “Thai amulets” on certain online platforms. Unfortunately they take advantage of the fact that most “farangs” (fair-skinned foreigners) are not familiar with Thai amulets, nor able to read Thai characters. Many customers from abroad are keen on buying especially particularly “cheap” items. However, people whose primary concern is the price should preferably buy costume jewellery after all.

Thai amulets: Fakes and reproductions
Some faked Thai amulets are really cheap. Some are really looking genuine!
Raid in Thailand: faked Thai amulets
Raid in Thailand: Materials for reproduction of Thai amulets are confiscated.
Thai amulets: Fakes and reproductions
You can find lots of faked Thai amulets in Bankok.


How can you recognize a genuine Thai amulet?

Original Thai amulets were created and consecrated by a monk, a Than lersi (hermit), an ajahn or a temple.

Images of Buddha, monks or gods as well as other commercially manufactured objects made from brass or various metals are no amulets, but simply “pendants”.

Still all these images mentioned above are are considered sacred – which means that also a little fashion jewellery Buddha statue or Buddha pendant must be treated with respect.

However, these are no amulets. You can also buy christian crosses in fashion jewellery shops here; but no one would consider them to have real spiritual energy. Apart from many pendants manufactured in mass production there are plenty of copies and fakes of highly estimated and valueable amulets available.

Genuine or copy?

How can you tell the differnce between an original piece and a copy? Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible! Well-made fakes can only be discovered by amulet experts with many years of experience – and even those might be mistaken.

Nobody can know every amulet series. Regrettably, the amount of fakes and copies is constanty rising, in Thailand as well.

In many cases, the original amulet can only be recognized by one unchangeable criterion, such as e.g. a blemish in the engraving of the original stamp which is missing on the fake.

The use of laser technology has increased in Thailand. This offers the possibility to create exact copies and create perfectly identical moulds which can no longer be be distinguished from the original.

Forgers makes this kind of effort especially with famous old amulets which are traded on very high price levels.

Genuine and faked version of a famous Chao Khun Nor Thai amulet
Genuine and faked version
of a famous Chao Khun Nor Thai amulet!


Bad imitations

The quality of most fakes is really awful. However, these are the ones offered in web shops and bought by tourists in Thailand.


„Genuine“ or „fake “ – in most cases only a matter of experience

To be able to tell whether an amulet is genuine or fake you should know the original and be very experienced in this area.

An expert recognizes bad and cheap copies at a glance.

Even in Thailand, original amulets are not low in price. The more esteemed a monk, the higher the price for his amulets. Especially with older originals purchase prices rise exponentially with their age.



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