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Our partner in Switzerland

Customs duty and import regulations differ substantially between Switzerland and Germany.

We have a lot of interested clients in Switzerland. However, nearly every delivery to Switzerland is liable to duty; an aspect that led to economic disadvantages for both us and our customers in Switzerland.

Consequently we opened our first franchise in Switzerland on 1 January 2011, the Thai-Amulet-Fair Swiss.

Thai-Amulet-Fair Swiss is led by its owner Reto Nico Hold as an independent franchise of Thai-Amulet-Fair e.K. Germany.

We are happy to support Mr. Hold with all our knowledge and experience and of course with our original articles: consecrated and authentic amulets, statues and ritual objects from the temples of Thailand.

From 1 January 2011 our esteemed customers in Switzerland have been able to order at Thai-Amulet-Fair Swiss with the same range of warranty and security. Additional costs and delays due to customs duty can now be avoided almost completely.

Reto Nico Hold
Thai-Amulet-Fair Swiss

Reto Nico Hold knows Thailand by heart. He is an observant Buddhist, professional Thai amulet user and has been a collector for many years.

For a long time he was a customer of Thai-Amulet-Fair Deutschland e.K. He knows the business and will help you with his knowledge.


Contact information

Please contact Thai-Amulet-Fair Swiss by this link:


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