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Thai-Amulet-Fair: Our online-shop

Our online-shop has a structure that makes it easy for both customers with previous experience and complete “newcomers” to find what they are looking for. A search function leads you to the suitable topics and amulets and statues specific to the individual.

Our offer changes almost weekly since most amulets on stock are single copies or only available in small quantities.

Especially numbered and limited amulet series are sold out quickly. Most of them can not be delivered at a later date since the specific monk might have created only small numbers of them.

New offers

To be up-to-date about new offerings please use our free RSS-feed service. It can be activated directly in your browser (see “feeds” right next to “favourites” in the menu).

As soon as new items are added to our shop you will get the most essential information about them (such as title, image, short description and price) by feed.

We like our customers to be happy and content. Consequently we are continuously working on improving our services.

Little feedback system – big effect

One of our customer-orientated improvement initiatives was the implementation of a feedback system. Especially new customers who are not that familiar with Thai amulets and have no previous experiences with the Thai-Amulet-Fair shop , are very grateful for this.

So please always let us and our customers know if you were content with our services.

Let other people know something about the characteristics and effects of the amulets purchased in our store. They will definitely appreciate it – especially if they are new customers.
Your opinion is also very important to us! Please tells us how content you are with our shop and our offers and what you think of them. It helps our further development because we will only be content if you are!


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