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The founder of Thai-Amulet-Fair

In 2007, Thai Nareerat Uhlherr founded the Thai-Amulet-Fair e.K. Germany in Cologne.

Nareerat Uhlherr was born in the district of Chai Badan in the Province Lopburi as the first of four children into a family of officials. She is married to a German and has got two children.

Raised in Thailand

Nareerat Uhlherr grew up in Thailand with her siblings. Both her sisters work in Thailand, one as a qualified nurse, the other one as a teacher for traditional Thai dance (Lam Thai). Her brother is a corporal of the military police in the Royal Thai Air Force.

After her A-Levels at Mathayom High School in Dan Khun Thod, she attended business school at Vithayalai Achiwa Sügsa Nakhon Ratchasima University of Applied Sciences and graduated with a degree in business studies.

Following her diploma, she became managerial credit woman in a medium-sized company. From there she transferred to one of the biggest bus companies in the province, Nakhonchai Konsong Ltd., where she ascended to the position of deputy human resource manager.

At her parents’ request she left the bus company and started a professional career as an applicant for mid-level civil services in the district administration of Wang Nam Khiao, province of Nakhon Ratchasima. Her last position was assistant to the head of office.

According to Buddhist tradition

Nareerat Uhlherr was brought up strictly following Buddhist rules and traditional values of the Thai society.

From the early age of eleven she regulrly visited the temple as a Chi Phram (non-ordained Buddhist nun) like her great-grandmother, her grandmother and aunts did before her, and like her mother, sisters and other female relatives still do today.

Luang Phu Daan
Luang Phu Daan (1922 - 2006).

Monks were her companions and tutors from an early age. She grew up with the dignified Luang Pho Khun to whom the family has been closely linked for decades. Together with many other believers her father’s father and one of her uncles helped Luang Pho Khun to build the temple of Wat Banrai with their own hands.

It was also the dignified Luang Pho Khun who blessed the Sai Sin Mongkoln for Nareerat Uhlherr’s wedding and blessedd the bridal couple in his audience room after the marriage ceremony.

Monks in the family

PICTURE ON THE RIGHT: Luang Phu Daan (1922 - 2006), uncle of the founder, abbot of Wat Tham Dao in Dan Khun Thod until he deceased.

There were also monks in Nareerat Uhlherr’s family, for example the dignified Luang Phu Daan, who was the abbot of Wat Tham Dao in Dan Khun Thod until he deceased.

In addition she is a cousin of ajahn Kom Dreiwet Aomnoi of Arsom Baramee Pho Kae in Suphanburi, highly esteemed and very well known in Thailand and its neighbouring countries.

Ajahn Kom Traiwet Omthong
Cousin Ajahn Kom Traiwet Omthong.
Luang Pho Ang Phanyatharo
Luang Pho Ang Phanyatharo
(Phra Khru Phatthanakit Chanuyut).

PICTURE ON THE LEFT: Ajahn Kom Traiwet Omthong, Arsom Baramee Pho Kae, Ban Makham Riang, Tambon Bang Kung, Amphoe Müang, Changwat Suphanburi, Thailand, cousin of the founder.

Important decisions

Even today Nareerat Uhlherr asks the monks for advice in all important business or private matters and decisions. Both of her daughters were named by a highly esteemed monk.

PICTURE MIDDLE/LEFT: Luang Pho Ang Phanyatharo (Phra Khru Phatthanakit Chanuyut), abbot of Wat Huai Bong und Chao Kana Tambon Huai Bong, Ban Huai Bong, Tambon Huai Bong, Amphoe Dan Khun Thot, Changwat Nakhon Ratchasima, North-East-Thailand.


In Thailand, it was and still is very unusual for a girl and a woman to be interested in amulets. It is much more a male tradition and her grandfather and her eldest uncle are passionate collectors of amulets.

But even when Nareerat Uhlherr was still a school girl, she already loved to accompany her grandfather and uncle on their trips to amulet fairs, exhibitions and shops.

For hours, sometimes for days she studied her grandfather’s and uncles discarded magazines for amulet collectors, which explains why she was familiar with everything about amulets very early in her life. What else should be more attractive to her rather than opening a business for trading Thai amulets and statues in her new home country?


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