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In Europe, Thai-Amulet-Fair is the leading expert trader of original Thai amulets, created and sanctified by highly esteemed monks, ajans, lersi (hermits) and Thai temples.

In addition we offer

Temple in Thailand

Our representation in Thailand

Through our office in Nakhon Ratchasima we cultivate a steady and close contact to countless Thai monks and temples – a lot of them we have personally known for years, some even for decades, and we feel honoured by the intimate dialogue with them.

Through these personal relations of course, we come to know very early about the plans of monks or temples to create and sanctify new amulets or statues.

Amulet scouts


Special whishes

We also closely cooperate with many regional Thai merchants. That allows us to fulfil most of our customers’ special wishes, even if you are looking for 100-years-old amulets.

Several free lance expert “amulet scouts“ are looking for extraordinarily beautiful and interesting amulets and statues to be purchased from private estates throughout the country.

An experienced gold- and silversmith manufactures each and every setting of our Thai amulets by hand manual work in traditional ways. Each amulet gets a splendid and valuable solemn setting, which also protects it.

Europe’s leading expert trader for original Thai amulets

As a direct importer we are both partners for private customers and wholesalers for specialist shops.

We are actively trading all over the world apart from Switzerland which is autonomously supplied by our independent licencee Thai-Amulet Fair Swiss (please visit www.thai-amulett.ch) since January 1, 2011.

Further franchises are planned for Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and Spain.

Buying an amulet is a matter of trust

Our company is lead by a Thai owner. Thai roots, a traditional Buddhist background and more than 20 years of experience, expert knowledge, competence and of course best contacts in the area of Thai amulets and Thai temple statues provide a maximum of security.

Our philosophy

All our activities in relationships with our partners and customers are always guided by the fundamental principles of Buddhism.


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