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Our customers

Our customers come from all kinds of social and educational backgrounds. Both blue- and white-collar workers are interested in our Thai amulets as well as civil servants, high school students, freelancers, doctors, lawyers and soldiers and owners of medium-sized businesses with 700 employees.

Even Buddhist temples and arsoms as well as meditation groups here and abroad belong to our customers.


Thai amulets bring good luck to everybody!

You donít necessarily have to be a Buddhist to be able to wear a Buddhist amulet. Thai amulets will help you regardless of your confession, nationality or skin colour.

Private customers

Our private customers currently come from more than 60 countries all over the world. Most of our web shop visitors are Thai, Thai-German families and Thailand tourists. But also Buddhists, Buddhist laypeople and those who are interested in Buddhism visit our homepage.

Another great group of people looking at our website is seeking for help and support in difficult situations,for example in questions concerning their relationships or finding the right partner, or any other special areas.

At last we should not forget the growing group of Thai amulet collectors and the esoterics.

Commercial customers

Our commercial customers are mainly Feng-Shui consultants or specialists from different areas of esotericism, natural and alternative medicine and treatments, different orthodox medical or physiotherapist professions, and specialist traders.


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