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Helping Thailand Helping thai children
Thai charity project
» We are supporting the
"Thai-Kinderhilfe Subyang"
- Food for the children. «
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Our philosophy

Not everybody is in the position to travel to Thailand and buy an amulet for him- or herself.

Deeply based on Buddhist principles, the entrepreneurial idea of Thai-Amulet-Fair was to offer easy access to sanctified amulets for all those who would like to have them or need their assistance and help.

Luang Phu Yaem

Additionally, we intend to make it easier for our fellow Thai countrymen, Buddhists, laymen and people interested in Buddhism to find a suitable consecrated amulet in our wide selection.

Even qualified Thai amulet collectors and experts find new treasures for their collections at Thai-Amulet-Fair as well as an open ear for their questions and wishes.


Small sanctuaries

It is not to be forgotten that we owe our business and livelihood to sacred relics – created selflessly by holy men to help other people, not only those “borrowing” an amulet from the temple to find their way in life with more strength but also those who can be supported and helped by the income from “lending” amulets and statues to others.

Of course, part of the income will secure the modest living of the monks and the maintenance of the temples. At the same time these financial means are used to support or build up schools, nursery schools and hospitals.

Of course „borrowing an amulet already leads to doing something „good“. However, this is not enough for us. Regularly we donate a part of our income to certain charity projects intending to help them in doing something “good”.

Help for Thailand’s children

Thailand children school

Due to this conviction Nareerat Uhlherr founded Help for Thailand’s children in 2007, supplying Thai preschoolers with regular warm meals appropriate for children.

'Help for Thailand’s children' is a private charity project working on no costs. Every cent donated will one hundred per cent help the children in need.

Help is always good for both sides. 'Help for Thailand’s children' also offers others the possibility to make “Merit” (A Buddhist concept, Merit accumulates as a result of good deeds, good acts or thoughts. It carries over to later in life or even to a person's next life.) by supporting the project financially and give a daily meal to the Thai children.


A practised thank you to the Merit

If our customers think that their amulet has helped or protected them in difficult situations, we would like to give them the chance to become part of the Buddhist cycle of Good with 'Help for Thailand’s children'.

Buddhists believe that pure “good” – good that we do for itself – will always come back to us in various forms. If you would like to get involved with this cycle as well and return something for the good that came to you from the amulets and monks, this is where you might realise it.

Apart from the meals funded by donations we also supply “our charges” with satchels, school gowns, plates and dishes, toys, coloured pencils and painting books as well as cisterns for drinking water.

For most of the children it was the very first toy they ever received! Seeing the joy in the eyes of each of them was saying so much more than words ever could, and it was one of the most overwhelming experiences you can ever have in your life.

Would you like to know more about Help for Thailand’s children ? Please click here.

Donations to temples

In addition to the Help for Thailand’s children project we also contribute to several temples in Thailand. These funds are for example used to ensure the energy supply or help building a Phra ubosot (holiest prayer room and ordination hall.

Our maxim

A piece of everything we achieve should be given to those who need it more urgently than we do!

Maybe you were confused that we were talking about “borrowing” the amulets rather than “buying” them. The explanation is as simple as cardinal:


Something so holy like a consecrated amulet essentially can not be sold at all!

As a matter of fact an amulet is more like a loan which can be borrowed on a defined donation (the price) for an indefinite period of time that might even extend for many generations following after …


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