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Thai Amulet Fair Thai-Amulet-Fair
Helping Thailand Helping thai children
Thai charity project
We are supporting the
"Thai-Kinderhilfe Subyang"
- Food for the children. «
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Here you find further information about the terms used on this page:

Thai-Amulet-Fair - The company
What means "Thai child help (Thai Kinderhilfe)"?
Our amulets and statues are from Thailand!
Amulet kind: Phra Gring
Amulet kind: Phra Pidta
Amulet names: "Luang Pho..."
Amulet names: "Luang Phu..."
Amulet names: "Ajahn"
Amulet names: "Ajahn"
Amulet name: "Chao Khun of Nor"
Phra Prathan


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